Parents partnering with education to raise Godly leaders

Ryan stepped in front of a friend to protect him and it cost him his life. He was trying to break up a fight, and stood up to defend. That's what he was taught to do. Everyone has a responsibility to each other. Ryan was his "Brother's Keeper".

Your gift to the Ryan Carter Fund will perpetuate the hope and future that was lost through Ryan's death.
His memory will be sustained by prayers and your generous financial gifts.

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Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends

Your gift to the Ryan Carter Fund...
  • Provides a strong academic foundation
  • Partners with parents to impart spiritual principles
  • Provides excellence in the classroom and character in the student
  • Provides a Christ centered education
  • Purposefully invests in the future of youth
Tell me more about the Ryan Carter Fund

The Ryan Carter Fund has management and oversight by the Board of Directors comprised of prominent members of the community and overseen by the administration of Foothills Christian School to insure the transparency and efficacy of the Fund.

Can I send a check?

You may send a check payable to Ryan Carter Fund and mail to this address:
Ryan Carter Fund
c/o Foothills School
P.O. Box 2029, Lakeside, CA 92040

Can I make a contribution using another method?

Contributions can also be made by credit, debit or electronic check using PayPal by clicking the 'Give Online' button.

We cannot thank you enough for your support! Your tax deductible gift is a gift to Ryan's memory. Please be as generous as you possibly can, and invite your friends to join you. We pray that God would bless you and your family.

Our pain is so strong and our grief is so deep. Ryan's smile and kind heart are gone forever. It makes it hard to breathe. Something is coming out of this. I want to know my child wasn't just stabbed and died for no reason. Even though his footsteps are absent, his closet and bedroom left untouched, it is our firm commitment to keep Ryan's memory alive. We wish to partner with parents to give children an opportunity that Ryan had: a Christian Education with emphasis on character, and a focus on spiritual development to develop the God given gifts of all children.
A Letter from Ryan's mom

Every Friday morning Ryan would run down the hallway gathering up the unclaimed trash in the house. The weekly ritual for both the Trash Collector and Ryan were routine. Ryan would always meet him at the designated pick up point and he would always wait. This particular Friday was different. I heard the trash truck stop, the engine idling on, cutting through my grief I realized he was waiting for Ryan. I walked outside to tell our trash collector that he doesn't have to wait for Ryan anymore; he won't be coming out.

Before attending Foothills Christian School, Ryan was bullied.You saw it in him. For someone who was so bright, articulate, funny, outgoing, and confident, he just seemed kind of sad. If your child isn't in a supportive environment in school, even with the best of parenting, you are not going to see the results you hope to see. It takes a school to partner and unite with the efforts of the parents, to draw out the potential of your child, and to develop him or her into the adult that will make terrific contributions to society and make the difference that you had hoped.

Our prayer and hope is that through the loss of Ryan's life your gift will provide scholarship money for those who know there is a better school choice for their child. The cost should not be the obstacle to a child's education and character development. Your gift will help others receive the same opportunity that Ryan did. Thank you for your generosity.

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